Amazing Gifts for Brain Injured Patients to Speed Up Recovery

Posted on July 29, 2021

Brain injured victims need constant assurance from their loved ones of feeling wanted and valuable. Sometimes giving a gift can be thoughtful to your loved one, especially during this pandemic. Consider giving gifts that might help speed up recovery; these gifts that can be small and low-tech or high-tech assistive devices such as medical bracelets, electric wheelchairs, etc.

So let us look at some memorable presents that you can give your loved ones to make them feel special:

  1. Chinese Meditation balls (Baoding balls): These small and light metal balls are great for stress relief and are light enough to hold in one hand. They are also used to improve motor skills and finger dexterity, which is crucial for brain injury patients.  
  2. Essential oils: Oils such as lavender, chamomile, and cinnamon are used to relieve stress, depression and promote cognitive function after brain injury. The most effective is lavender, which has many proven therapeutic properties.
  3. Books and book holders: Books are great companions and can be motivating to read about people's remarkable journey of recovery from brain injury and other life-threatening ailments. If your loved one cannot hold a book, a book holder can be a great gift. 
  4. Adult coloring book: This is another way to improve fine motor skills, including holding pencils and improving visual processing such as color recognition and help your loved one reduce stress. An adult coloring book can help a brain-injured patient relax and pass the time. 
  5. Noise-canceling headphones: Sensory overload can be disturbing and can increase anxiety in people with brain injury. These headphones can be helpful when loud environments are unavoidable, such as public places and parties, and may also help the person fall asleep at night.  
  6. Weighted or thermal blankets: These blankets are ideal for providing a feeling of safety and comfort and promote better sleep. ‘Weighted blankets’ offer ‘deep touch pressure’ and makes an excellent gift for brain injury victims. 
  7. Meal delivery subscription: After any injury, recovery is primarily based on healthy eating habits to promote healing. Providing a meal delivery service as a gift that includes foods good for the brain and provides all the fuel needed can be ideal.  
  8. Kitchen adaptive items: Easy-to-grip silverware, utensils with large handles and straps for improved grip, specialized cutting boards and utensils, and reaching tools and jar openers are ideal gifts for safety and convenience. Automatic shut-off appliances allow people with memory problems to live safely and eliminate fire hazards and other safety issues.    
  9. Medication Aids: Daily or weekly pill organizers help ensure medications are taken daily, and correct dosages are taken. Pill crushers and splitters help people with swallowing difficulties; timers and mini alarms can remind your loved one when the next dose is due. 
  10. FitMi Home Therapy: Designed to improve mobility at home, TBI survivors can benefit from this device as it encourages high repetition exercises. Much like MusicGlove is a hand exercise glove that combines gaming and music for an immersive rehab experience. These exercises aim to improve strength and motor impairments and restore the brain’s neuroplasticity. 
  11. Alexa and Google Home devices: Virtua; assistants can give brain injury victims the confidence to live independently. These devices can help your loved one turn off the lights, give reminders, play music, and even order groceries. Hence, an excellent option for brain injury patients. 

These are some ideas for gifts that can help your loved ones around the house and help them live independently and regain their lost confidence. Mobility aids, communication devices, and simple home modifications are some other changes that can make the house safer and more accessible for your loved one. With the social distancing that the pandemic has imposed, such gifts can be a blessing in disguise.