National Support Groups

Posted on May 2, 2022

Severe TBI Caregivers is a nationwide online support group that meets virtually twice per month on Sunday evenings. Its goal is to support individuals and families who care for those suffering from brain injury. An online group of other caregivers shares suggestions, stories, and words of encouragement.  

Here is a list of well-known virtual support groups: 

Try Mutiny is an online discussion platform for survivors of TBI to share their experiences and battles with TBI. All the hardships and practical difficulties faced overcoming the struggles of relearning and living with a changed personality. Here people from various backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity can share their stories and provide information that can help others. 

The Smart Patients Brain Injury Discussion Forum: An online support group for caregivers and patients with TBI. Members share help, advice, and information about symptoms, treatments, and side effects. Here you can learn at your level about scientific advances related to your condition, voice your anxieties with other members, and use what you learn in the context of your own life.

For women over 25 who have battled with brain injury and/or Post Concussion Syndrome (recognized as symptoms lasting over a month), there is the PINK Women's Concussions Group.

The topics addressed here surround women's issues with TBI, which include relationships with spouses, employment, and/or being a parent. For women under 25, there is a group where school and college-age issues are addressed. The goal of this group is to share your experience and make you feel that you are not alone.

There are no doctors; thus, advice on medical treatments should not be given or taken, but the goal is to share our experiences, tribulations, and inspiration while healing from brain injury. By allowing them to share stories, photos, and blogs, participate in discussions and teach and learn from others.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group: A place where you can share your fears, frustration, joy, and anything else that pertains to TBIs. I hope to find others who have suffered a TBI or know someone who has and needs a place to talk. Every TBI injury is life-altering, no matter the severity. The toughest part of this whole thing is finding people to talk to about it. I hope this website can bring people together and help raise awareness simultaneously. 

Hope After Head Injury has online support groups monthly. It exists to provide community, support, hope, encouragement, awareness, and education for brain injury.

Through virtual support groups, the Hope Survives Podcast, weekly live video broadcasts, and blog posts, survivors and caregivers are encouraged never to give up and keep fighting and not lose hope.

Hope After Head Injury, created by TBI survivor and advocate Cristabelle Braden, is here to bring hope to those affected by brain injury if they care for a loved one or go through the experience themselves. We realize that the journey through head trauma is a road that can be scary and lonely when walked alone. It's devastating when you're stuck in the middle of confusion, feels like nobody understands, and don't know what to do. But you don't have to fight this battle alone. 

Millions of people have experienced brain injury and understand what you are going through. Every episode contains valued information about living with brain injury. Interviews with professionals can help you understand what is happening in your recovery journey and provide tips to place you on the right path for healing. There are also inspiring conversations with brain injury survivors and family members that will encourage you in your journey!