Effective Ways to Treat a Concussion without Resting

Posted on February 26, 2020

Imagine that you are driving while listening to the music playing on the radio. Suddenly a dog comes running in front of your car, and you have to apply breaks. Your head jolts, and you feel your vision blur for a while and hear ringing in your ears. Well, you might have experienced a concussion. 

A concussion is the minor form of traumatic brain injury – TBI, which is a result of a sudden blow or jolt to the head. For a concussion to take place, it is not necessary to hit your head against a solid object. A concussion takes place when your head experiences a blow that is strong enough to make your brain hit your skull. 

Loss of consciousness or convulsions is serious side effects of a concussion. In this case, you must be taken to a hospital. However, if the concussion you experienced was not strong enough to make you lose your consciousness, you can treat it yourself at home. Whether you ask a doctor or read on online platforms, you will come across one solution for treating concussion – rest. 

Yes, rest is essential when it comes to treating concussions, but sometimes resting might not be enough. 

Regular Cardio

If you love working out, you might like this option to treat your concussion. Doing cardio for thirty minutes or less every day can significantly help you treat the concussion. However, you must not do any exercises that may end up jostling your head. Choose a stationary or elliptical bike as it is the safest form of cardio after a concussion. 

Read After Every Cardio Session

If you wish to enjoy amazing results and want to treat your concussion effectively, try to indulge yourself in a healthy pathway after cardio such as reading. If you are not fond of reading, you can engage in an intellectual conversation with a person you like. Other options, including playing Sudoku or solving a puzzle. 

Stay Away from Screens

It might seem like a difficult thing to do, but after a concussion, you need to try to avoid screens as much as you can. Whether it is your laptop, smartphone, or desktop, you need to stay as far away as you can, as it will put excessive stress upon your brain. Indulge yourself into non-screen activities such as hanging out with friends, doing home chores, gardening, or cycling. 

Calming your Autonomic Nervous System

You might not know, but your autonomic nervous system – ANS is responsible for several essential body functions. Damage to this system may pave the way for irregularities in heartbeat and high levels of stress. Meditation, low-impact exercising, walking, listening to calming music, and yoga is a few ways to calm your ANS.

These are some ways you can treat your concussion and return to your normal life without resting.