Top 7 Best Games and Activities for Brain Health

Posted on March 21, 2020

It’s very important to keep the mastermind of our body fit and healthy. Research has shown that people who tend to solve puzzles, like crosswords, Sudoku, etc., regularly have increased brainpower. Brain exercises help improve memory, cognitive processing, and problem-solving and ward off the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  

Here are the top 10 scientifically tested games and activities that will boost multiple parts of your brain. Let’s start with the exciting and fun stuff:


Working with numbers has proved to be a definite ‘brain-sharpener.’ Sudoku is not only a number-based game but is also very interesting and addicting. You can either install an app or just buy a big book of Sudoku puzzles. Make sure to solve them with a pencil so that you can correct your mistakes and learn.


Crosswords are mandatory as they will polish your vocabulary as well as your cognitive skills. The complex yet intriguing pattern of a crossword gets more exciting with every word you solve, which is honestly quite satisfying. You can further develop your concentration span, vocabulary, and information processing skills with crosswords. Especially when you’re stuck at home with these gloomy days doing nothing!


Many of you might have come across the word before; if not, Lumosity is a popular website that offers entertaining brain trainers to improve your mental fitness. With a vast range of categories from scientific to general knowledge, Lumosity will make it easier to boost your memory, problem-solving, and thinking abilities. If you wish to play it on your mobile, then install their app.

Use all your five sense at once

Another highly recommended exercise that may sound tough, but surprisingly you can experience this with colloquial tasks like simply baking a batch of cookies or visiting a market place. Crazy, right? Well, for the brain, it’s not so simple and is actually doing a full workout. Activities like this can help burn some calories as well as make you more active and sharp! 

Try learning a new language

Research suggests that learning a new language or a new skill for that matter is good for our memory and can prove to be very thought-provoking. This initiative will not only make the right side of your brain more flexible but also develop your creative and artistic side!


Yes, you read that, right! Dancing may seem a little silly to do for brain health but is, in fact, quite helpful for both sides of your brain. From your balance to intelligence and even regulating the neuronal connections. When dancing, you are exercising, controlling your limbs, and also focusing on balancing in which your eyesight plays a vital role. So turn up the volume and dance till you break the floor!


Aside from games and puzzles, it is equally essential to improve your brain power from relaxing and de-stressing the brain. Meditation has been practiced for hundreds and thousands of years, bringing a positive change in the human brain. It is said to increase the gray matter in your prefrontal cortex. In simpler terms, it trains your mind for impulse control, stress management, focus, and self-awareness. Most needed in times of panic and chaos.