Our mission is raise awareness, provide support and resources to survivors and caregivers, and to improve the quality of life for those impacted by brain injury.

We meet the needs of brain injury survivors and their families/caregivers in many different places on the continuum of care.

Brain Injury, whether it be through a direct trauma to the head or through stroke, tumor or illness, is a uniquely insidious disability. The cognitive, emotional, physical and social challenges last a lifetime. Our goal is to affect positively brain injury survivors by helping them with these ongoing and lifelong challenges and to mitigate the caregiver burden.

Our objectives are to identify the ongoing needs of the brain injury survivor and ensure access to appropriate community health and social services and to provide specialized caregiver support, training and information to assist brain injury survivors in remaining as independent as reasonably and realistically possible. In addition, we enthusiastically engage brain injury survivors in problem-solving issues through supportive “coaching” and education techniques.

We provide support for family members when their loved one is in initial intensive stages of hospitalization. During this time, we refer families to peers who have experienced this type of trauma. We also provide support for families later in the process, when five or 10 years out, they realize that their loved one is no longer in crisis, and impairment will be a lifelong challenge. Providing support and resources during these critical junctures is the foundation of the Brain Injury Center’s work.