Care Coordination Program: This program is a bridge to service accessibility. It uses the brain injury survivor and their family and caregivers’ own informal support systems, as well as existing community services.

Our response is based on the initial Intake Assessment of the brain injury survivor and his or her family, which will identify the immediate and long-term needs; whether it is their inability to identify and find appropriate medical and rehabilitation services, lack of governmental benefits, isolation, lack of mutual support system, and/or caregiver fatigue. It is important to note that this is continuous response, as brain injury is a life-long disability, which requires a continuum of care and on-going support and remedies.

As part of the process, our clients will receive information, education, coaching and follow-up. This empowers self-care, while providing a critical pathway to support services that have been tailored to specific and unique needs.

The Brain Injury Center is centrally located in Ventura County on the campus of the Camarillo Health Care District’s “Wellness and Caregiver Center of Ventura County”. We serve as an entry point for our clients to access multiple and varied information, education, medical and social support services from a comprehensive array of providers, as well as access to our unique Survivor Support Groups, Family Support Groups, Social Opportunities Program and our monthly Workshops.

*All of our Programs are free of charge, but we do ask that you contact us and set up a convenient time for an initial intake interview and registration.